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NOTA BENE :( "The works are written by our medical and para-medical team. They are presented to you with the consent of their authors.
Their vocation is exchange and sharing ".)

"Perineal pain"

When we talk about chronic pelvi-perineal pain we mean all pain in the
pelvic or perineal region evolving for 6 months, whether or not they are associated
to an underlying lesion. In this definition we include persistent pain
despite the treatment of the cause ...

"Pain and Hypnosis"

Learning to modulate chronic pain involves building a care pathway
integrative and the choice of psycho-corporal practices such as brain rehabilitation,
hypnosis, meditation ...
These different therapeutic approaches start from the body. Physical body, thoughts and
emotions are indeed closely related and communicate constantly through
chemicals and nerve signals ...

Perineum and Back

Buttock and pelvicultural pain of spinal origin

Perineal pain and sports activities

The therapeutic effects of sport in the management by the patient of his
chronic pain is well known today.
Physical exercise is particularly recommended in the case of pain
chronic, including pelvic ...

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