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The team of the center for chronical perineal pain in Paris 75002 and Paris 75011

Dr. Mansour Khalfallah Neurochirurgien et Médecin de la douleur

Dr. Mansour Khalfallah

Neurosurgeon and Pain Doctor

  • Neurosurgeon specializing in spine surgery (minimally invasive surgery, microsurgery and micro-endoscopy)

  • Pain doctor with expertise in osteoarticular and in chronic pelvic and perineal pain

  • Former head of clinic at Nantes Hospitals

Martine Cornillet-Bernard Kinésithérapeute

Martine Cornillet-Bernard

physiotherapist – perineologist

  • Functional neuro-urology exploration

  • Perineal rehabilitation and urodynamic examination,

  • Member of AFRePP (Scientific group leader)

Cécile CORDON-LESIEUX Kinésithérapeute-périnéologue

Physiotherapist- perineologist

  • Exclusive pelvic-perineal rehabilitation

  • DU Sexual Health and Human Rights

  • IUD Sexology (in progress)

  • Member of AFRePP

Aude Caucheteux Psychologue et Hypnothérapeute

Aude Caucheteux

Psychologist and Hypnotherapist

  • Master 2 in psychopathology and psychotherapy. Paris VIII University.

  • Therapeutic hypnosis: Certificate from the French Association for the Study of Medical Hypnosis (Doctor BENHAIEM)

  • Therapeutic patient education (ETP training certificate); animation of therapeutic workshops "pain management"

Audrey LARCEBAU Psychologue et Psychothérapeute

Psychologist and P sychotherapist

  • Integrative psychotherapy (combination of several approaches focused on the individual as a whole and his autonomy)

  • Europe accredited EMDR practitioner

  • Psychotrauma and pain specialization

  • Methods of approaching painful sensation (relaxation, mental imagery, etc.)

Bénédicte RIGAUX Psychologue et Psychothérapeute

Bénédicte RIGAUX
Psychologist and  P sychotherapist

  • Europe accredited EMDR practitioner

  • ICV therapist

  • Specialization in the management of chronic pain

  • Treatment of psychotrauma

  • Emotional regulation tools: breathing exercises, mindfulness ...

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